Canonical SOS boxes located outside putative promoter regions

GeneOperator sequenceaPositionbNo. of mismatchesKd (nM)c
LexA binding sites
    fliPaaAACgTAaGTTCGInside (+54)4>200
    rpeCGAACATgTtTTCGInside (+369)2>200
    sigHCGAAacTtTGTTCGInside (+127)3>200
    ylbCaGAACATAgGTTCcInside (+46)39.2
    yqkAgaAACtTgTGTTCGInside (+535)4>200
Sites that do not bind LexA
  • a Nonconsensus nucleotides are shown in lowercase type, consensus nucleotides are shown in uppercase, and destabilizing mismatches are shown in boldface type.

  • b Location of the 3′ end relative to the ATG codon of the respective gene.

  • c Apparent binding constant.