Characteristics of M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis-specific (MAP) genomic islands deleted in the M. avium subsp. avium genome

IslandNo. of ORFsGC (%)Island typeSize (bp)Signature feature(s)
MAP-11763.90I19,343Transposition and TetR family transcriptional regulator genes
MAP-2360.43I3,858Conserved hypothetical proteins
MAP-3366.16I2,915Formate dehydrogenase alpha subunit
MAP-41760.66I16,681Transposition, unknown genes, and a possible prophage
MAP-51269.56I14,191Transposition and oxidoreductase genes, PPE family domain protein
MAP-6657.73II8,971Variable genes such as drrC
MAP-7667.26II6,914Transcriptional regulator psrA and biosynthesis genes
MAP-8861.59II7,915TetR family transcriptional regulator and unknown genes
MAP-91065.49II11,202Transposition, metabolic and TetR family transcriptional regulator genes
MAP-10366.68II2993Biosynthesis of cofactors, prosthetic groups, and carriers, transcriptional regulator, TetR family domain protein
MAP-11462.89I2,989Serine/threonine protein kinase and glyoxalase genes
MAP-121161.08I11,977Transposition, iron metabolism genes, and a prophage
MAP-131966.01II19,977TetR family transcriptional regulator and mce family proteins
MAP-141965.76II19,315Possible prophage and unknown proteins
MAP-15362.93I4,143Unknown proteins and a prophage function genes
MAP-165664.32I79,790Transposition and iron regulatory genes
MAP-17561.60I3,655Unknown proteins and a multicopy phage resistance gene
MAP-18360.36I3,512Hypothetical proteins