Transduction of polar and nonpolar pstB insertion mutations into RmG804, RmG212, RmG490, and RmG830

RecipientTransduction with donor phagea
φRmK385 (nonpolar pstB mutation, phoB+)φRmK386 (polar pstB mutation, phoB)
RmG212 (Rm1021 lac)++
RmG804 (Rm1021 pit310::Tn5)+
RmG490 (Rm1021 phoC490::ΩSp)+
RmG830 (Rm1021 phoC490::ΩSp pit310::Tn5)
  • a +, transductants obtained (frequency, >1 × 10−6/donor); −, no transductants obtained (frequency, <1 × 10−8/recipient). Transductants were selected on LB medium containing gentamicin. RmK385 and RmK386 carry lacZ-aacC1 cassette insertions in pstB (Fig. 1A). In RmK385, transcription of phoB is driven from the aacC1 promoter.