Induction of genes in defending against oxidative stress in MR-1 following IR irradiation

Gene IDGene nameCOG annotationRelative gene expression or TDEST valuea
SO0956 ahpF Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase, large subunit4.
SO0958 ahpC Peroxiredoxin11.250.001.970.091.070.98
SO3577 clpB ATPase with chaperone activity, ATP-binding subunit1.160.440.960.782.970.01
SO4162 hslV ATP-dependent protease HslVU (ClpYQ), peptidase subunit1.060.791.060.844.060.03
SO4163 hslU ATP-dependent protease HslVU (ClpYQ), ATPase subunit0.950.601.110.663.420.01
SO4697 gst Glutathione S-transferase0.920.741.300.393.680.01
SO0452 trxC Thioredoxin2.080.101.750.012.410.01
SO0760 amt Ammonia permease1.450.772.
SO1070 katB Catalase14.890.021.620.921.440.86
SO1145 mgtE-1 Mg/Co/Ni transporter MgtE (contains CBS domain)0.960.851.560.305.800.04
SO1158DNA-binding ferritin-like protein (oxidative damage protectant)
SO2178 ccpA Cytochrome c peroxidase3.940.011.290.330.860.35
SO4423.1Outer membrane receptor proteins, related to Fe transport1.280.292.740.042.700.18
SO2881 sodB Superoxide dismutase, Fe1.510.040.910.690.660.37
  • a T5, T20, and T60, relative gene expression at 5, 20, and 60 min, respectively. P5, P20, and P60, P values at 5, 20, and 60 min, respectively.