Plasmids and strains used

Plasmid or strainRelevant propertiesReference or source
    pGP704-sacB28Used for sucrose-based selection, AprGary Schoolnik
    pGPVC0928pGP704-sacB28 containing the SOEing PCR product of rbmAThis study
    pACYC177Low-copy-number cloning vector, AprNew England Biolabs
    prbmApACYC177 harboring wild-type copy of rbmAThis study
    pBAD/Myc-His BArabinose-inducible expression vector with C-terminal Myc epitope and six-His tagsInvitrogen
    prbmA-mycpBAD/Myc-His B containing the coding region of rbmAThis study
    pRS415lacZ-based cloning vector for transcriptional fusion studies, Apr50
    prbmA::lacZpRS415 containing rbmA upstream regulatory fragment fused to lacZThis study
    pCC11pRS415 containing vpsA upstream regulatory fragment fused to lacZ8
    pCC12pRS415 containing vpsL upstream regulatory fragment fused to lacZ8
    pGP704::Tn7-GFPMini-Tn7 vector harboring a constitutively expressed gfp cassetteGary Schoolnik
    pUX-BF13Helper plasmid containing transposase gene for mini-Tn7Gary Schoolnik
    V. cholerae 92A1552
        FY_Vc_0001O1 E1 Tor, Inaba, smooth, Rifr60
        FY_Vc_0002O1 E1 Tor, Inaba, rugose, Rifr60
        FY_Vc_0004Rugose ΔlacZ8
        FY_Vc_0005vpsT ΔlacZ8
        FY_Vc_0006vpsR ΔlacZ8
        FY_Vc_0007vpsR ΔvpsT ΔlacZ8
        FY_Vc_102rbmAThis study
        FY_Vc_105rbmAThis study
        FY_Vc_222Rugose-gfpThis study
        FY_Vc_224rbmA-gfpThis study
    E. coli
        DH5αF′ endA1 hsdR17 supE44 thi-1 recA1 gyrA96 relA1 Δ(argF-lacZYA) U169 (φ80dlacΔM15)Promega
        CC118 (λ pir)D(ara-leu) araD DlacX74 galE galK phoA20 thi-1 rpsE rpoB argE(Am) recA1 λ pir21
        S17-1 (λ pir)Tpr Smr recA thi pro rK mK+ RP4:2-Tc:MuKm Tn7 λ pir15