L-NAME, an inhibitor of NO synthase, is able to suppress the survival defect of norB and nnrA mutants in activated macrophagesa

Mutant strainSuppression activity with (CFU [104/well]):
ControlIFN-γIFN-γ and L-NAME
norB12.5 ± 1.02.4 ± 0.27.8 ± 1.1
nnrA10.4 ± 0.52.4 ± 0.37.8 ± 1.9
  • a Murine macrophages are activated using IFN-γ, and L-NAME (2 mM) was added to inhibit the NO synthase activity. Six replicates were performed for each condition. Both treatments, activation with IFN-γ and inhibition with L-NAME, give a statistically significant test (P was <0.001 using standard ANOVA test).