Sequence changes that arose in strain D39 (NCTC) or D39 (Lilly) compared to progenitor strain D39a

D39 (NCTC)ΔG (frameshift); three missense mutationsb; one single base change in IC regionb
D39 (Lilly)Five missense mutationsc; one silent changec; one ΔT (frameshift); one ΔtreP-amiC deletion (7,958 bp) between 14-bp direct repeats (AGTCGCTGTATAAG)
  • a Specific mutations are listed in Table S2 in the supplemental material.

  • b There were three transition mutations: one GC to AT (25%) and two AT to GC (50%). There was one transversion mutation: 1 GC to CG (25%).

  • c There were four transition mutations: two GC to AT (33%) and two AT to GC (33%). There were two transversion mutations: one AT to CG (17%) and one GC to CG (17%).