Interpretation and summary of sequence changes in D39 (NCTC), D39 (Lilly), and R6 (ATCC)

Sequence change presence in:InterpretationChanges
D39 (NCTC)D39 (Lilly)R6 (ATCC)No.Type
YesaYesNoChange arose in R6 (ATCC)81Seventy-one single-base-pair changes, three small insertions, one large insertion, five small deletions, and one large deletion of part of the cps locus reported previously (50)
YesbNoYesChange arose in D39 (Lilly)8Six single-base-pair changes, one small deletion, and one large deletion
NobYesYesChange arose in D39 (NCTC)5Four single-base-pair changes and one small deletion
YescYesYes (resequenced)Error in published R6 sequence28Fourteen in one IS1167 element
YesdYesNAError in published D39 cps sequence12One frameshift; eleven single-base-pair changes (six in cps2B)
  • a Data compiled in Table 2 and Table S1 in the supplemental material.

  • b Data compiled in Table 4 and Table S2 in the supplemental material.

  • c Data compiled in Table S4 in the supplemental material.

  • d Data compiled in Table S5 in the supplemental material.