Plasmids used in this study

pGOAL17Carrying 6.1-kb PacI cassette, Kmr27
p2NILNonreplicating recombination vector, Kmr27
pMV306HMycobacterial integrating vector, HygrMed-Immune Inc.
pMV306KMycobacterial integrating vector, KmrMed-Immune Inc.
pMV206E. coli-Mycobacterium shuttle vector, KmrMed-Immune Inc.
pJFR193-kb amidase promoter in pMV306H, HygrThis study
pJFR51p2NIL containing 3.6-kb ftsZTB region with 840-bp internal deletion in ftsZ coding region, KmrThis study
pJFR52pJFR51 with PacI cassette from pGOAL17, KmrThis study
pJFR66pMV306H carrying PftsZ-ftsZTB, HygrThis study
pJFR41ftsZTB-gfp in pJFR19, HygrThis study
pACR1pMV306K carrying PftsZ-ftsZsmeg, KmrThis study