Relative induction of three catabolic genes on the clc element after exposure of Pseudomonas sp. strain B13 to different substrates

Glucose (10 mM)1.0039.871.004.181.0026.30
3-Chlorobenzoate (10 mM)23.22c14.992.0326.120.8264.20
3-Chlorobenzoate (1 mM)3.5044.915.5347.4217.7635.87
2-Aminophenol (1 mM)49.158.781.3949.7018.8345.43
Anthranilate (10 mM)4.9419.573.746.230.6956.78
Anthranilate (1 mM)29.2024.556.5235.9525.7920.33
Salicylate (10 mM)1.0536.580.7243.900.6559.40
Salicylate (1 mM)2.9148.123.4350.906.5923.31
Benzoate (10 mM)1.3759.150.5447.180.7575.97
Benzoate (1 mM)2.5833.7410.0429.802.9233.71
Nitrobenzene (10 mM)1.3158.490.5232.780.7749.31
Nitrobenzene (1 mM)2.4859.111.0435.501.0433.38
4-OH-benzoate (10 mM)65.8539.120.6154.921.7366.83
4-OH-benzoate (1 mM)2.5847.240.5419.781.0559.38
4-Chlorobenzoate (10 mM)1.3154.030.5546.230.7058.18
4-Chlorobenzoate (1 mM)1.3233.062.4038.718.0448.72
  • a I.F., induction factor (calculated mRNA amount relative to that of glucose-exposed cultures).

  • b %, standard deviation calculated as percentage of the average mRNA amount in triplicate determinations.

  • c Values in boldface type indicate induction values significantly different (P < 0.05) from that of the glucose-exposed culture.