Single mutants affected in growth on minimal medium or during sporulation

PhenotypeaDisrupted genes
Inviable on minimal mediumcarB, gltA, hisA, hisF, purK, pyrC, tenI, thiE, yjbV, ysaA, and yodRb
Sporulation deficientnasA, oppA, opuE, recG, speA, yfjR, yjbM, ypvA, yqiD, ytxN, yvgN, ywaC, and yodRb
  • a Strains were streaked on minimal or nutrient-rich agar with antibiotic selection and examined after a minimum of 16 h of growth at 37°C.

  • b The ΩyodR mutant showed both phenotypes, and both phenotypes were suppressed by disruption of its partner gene, scoB.