Summary of ExoU homolog properties

Host nicheExtracellularFacultative intracellularFacultative intracellularExtracellular
Prokaryotic expression************
Prokaryotic toxicity (broth culture)**************
Eukaryotic expressionb**********
Plasma membrane damagec************
PIP2 affinity enhancementYesNoNoYes
PIP2 activity enhancementYesYesNoNo
  • a The number of asterisks for each category represents an estimate of the relative levels of expression, toxicity, and plasma membrane damage from the sum of replicate Western blot analyses, dual-expression experiments in broth inductions, and transfection analyses.

  • b Observed expression from noncatalytic sequence.

  • c Relative plasma membrane damage as determined by the LDH release assay, PI staining, and eGFP expression for parental phospholipases.