List of bacterial strains

StrainGenotypeSource or referencea
LT2Wild typeJ. Roth
MH111 fliC::Tn10 ΔfljB M. Homma
MJW708 srfB::MudJ (14028s background) 51
TH453 fliC::Tn10
TH1059 fli-5448(IS200IV)::Tn10dCm
TH2788 fliY5221::Tn10dTc (−86 from ATG of fliY)
TH3070 flgK5289::MudK 1
TH3234 fliA5394::MudJ (Lac)
TH3236 flgK5396::MudJ 1
TH3730P flhDC5451::Tn10dTc[del-25] 25
TH4707ΔfliT::Km 53
TH4722 flgK5726::MudK 1
TH4912Δflk-5627::FKF (Δflk bp1-999 coding)
TH5720 flhC2035 16
TH5721 flhD2040 16
TH5736 fla-2039tar-flhD) 16
TH6554ΔflgM5628::FKF ΔfliA5647::FCF
TH6555 fla-2039tar-flhD) ΔflgM5628::FKF
TH6572 fla-2039tar-flhD) ΔflgM5628::FKF ΔfliA5647::FCF
TH6719 fliB5968::MudJ
TH6720 fliB5740::MudK
TH7409ΔfliA5805::tetRA fliB5968::MudJ
TH7410ΔfliA5805::tetRA fliB5470::MudK
TH7411 fla-2039tar-flhD) fliB5968::MudJ
TH7412 fla-2039tar-flhD) fliB5470::MudK
TH7458 fliA5999 fliB5968::MudJ
TH7544 fliA5999 fliB5470::MudK
TH7718 fla-2039tar-flhD) flgK5396::MudJ
TH7719 fla-2039tar-flhD) flgK5726::MudK
TH7720 fla-2039tar-flhD) flgK5289::MudK
TH7721 fliA5886 flgK5396::MudJ
TH7722 fliA5886 flgK5726::MudK
TH7723 fliA5886 flgK5289::MudK
TH7942 srfB::MudJ
TH7943 srfB::MudJ fla-2039tar-flhD)
TH7944 srfB::MudJ fliA5999
TH9670CRR4109[metC1975::Tn10(TcS)] P flhDC5451::Tn10dTc[del-25]
TT10604ΔproAB47/F′ Pro+ Lac+ zzf-1836::Tn10dCm 11
  • a Unless indicated otherwise, all strains were constructed during the course of this work. The FKF (FRT-Km-FRT) and FCF (FRT-Cm-FRT) cassettes have the Flp recognition target sites flanking either a kanamycin (Km) or chloramphenicol (Cm) resistance gene followed by a ribosome-binding site (8). The resistance gene can be removed by expression of FLP recombinase to leave a single FRT site followed by a ribosomal binding site (8).