Proteins expressed at higher relative abundance in strain K-10 cytosolic fractions compared to strain 187 cytosolic fractions

NCBI no.ProteinScoreaDescriptionbMean (SD) of 114/114 +117cFold increasedNo. of unique peptideseMS-MSf
gi 41397440MAP2983c87.30Ffh0.165 (0.176)5.0623
gi 41397443MAP2986c167.87GlnD0.180 (0.030)4.5523
gi 41394518MAP0072c266.55Hypothetical protein0.225 (0.076)3.4458
gi 41395953MAP1502179.81Hypothetical protein0.234 (0.092)3.2834
gi 41398385MAP3456c367.30Icd20.238 (0.131)3.21513
gi 41398458MAP352972.89Hypothetical protein0.245 (0.110)3.0824
gi 41406377MAP027984.58Hypothetical protein0.246 (0.042)3.0725
gi 41399048MAP4116c182.64MmaA40.246 (0.091)3.0737
gi 41399128MAP4196239.31Hypothetical protein0.262 (0.134)2.8236
gi 41399156MAP4224c126.33RmlC0.265 (0.070)2.7823
gi 41398646MAP3716c211.65FadE60.266 (0.098)2.75413
gi 41394854MAP0407c93.72Acs0.271 (0.031)2.7022
gi 41409122MAP3024c260.00hupB0.276 (0.038)2.63420
gi 41398803MAP387289.36Hypothetical protein0.276 (0.002)2.6222
gi 41398763MAP3832c83.46Hypothetical protein0.276 (0.091)2.6226
gi 41394457MAP0011167.86PpiA0.280 (0.068)2.5735
gi 41396466MAP2013c87.44Hypothetical protein0.285 (0.089)2.5123
gi 41409145MAP304786.80Hypothetical protein0.286 (0.069)2.5023
gi 41396510MAP2057150.58Hypothetical protein0.290 (0.034)2.4436
gi 41394882MAP0435c134.69Ppa0.295 (0.083)2.3926
gi 41395817MAP1367516.06ArgG0.299 (0.074)2.3569
gi 41395429MAP0980c115.41Hypothetical protein0.310 (0.022)2.2323
  • a Protein score assigned by Mascot.

  • b Descriptions are from the SwissProt database.

  • c Mean and standard deviation for all of the MS spectra for a given protein.

  • d Fold increase compared to the other strain. A ratio of 0.5 is no change in protein expression.

  • e Number of unique peptides identified for the protein.

  • f MS-MS refers to the total number of MS spectra found for the given protein.