Bacterial strains used in this study

StrainDescriptionaReference or source
FA1090Clinical isolate6
FA6140Clinical isolate11
FA19Clinical isolate35
FA19 porBFA1090FA19 × pMO/porBFA1090This study
FA19 porB-G120KFA19 × pMO/porB-G120KThis study
FA19 penA4FA19 × FA614028
FA19 penA4 porBFA1090FA19 penA4 × pMO/porBFA1090This study
FA19 penA4 porB-G120KFA19 penA4 × pMO/porB-G120KThis study
FA19 penA4 mtrRFA19 penA4 × FA614028
FA19 penA4 mtrR porBFA1090FA19 penA4 mtrR × pMO/porBFA109028
FA19 penA4 mtrR porB-G120KFA19 penA4 mtrR × pMO/porB-G120K28
FA19 penA4 mtrR porB-G120D/A121DFA19 penA4 mtrR × pMO/porB-G120D/A121D28
FA19 penA4 mtrR porB-G120P/A121PFA19 penA4 mtrR × pMO/porB-G120X/A121X28
FA19 penA4 mtrR porB-G120R/A121HFA19 penA4 mtrR × pMO/porB-G120X/A121X28
FA19/ΔrmpFA19 lacking the Rmp proteinChris Elkins, UNC-CHb
FA19/Δrmp porBFA1090FA19/Δrmp × pMO/porBFA1090This study
FA19 penA4 mtrR porB mtrD-D405NFA19 penA4 mtrR porBFA1090 × pBS-mtrD-D405NThis study
FA19 penA4 mtrR porB-G120K mtrD-D405NFA19 penA4 mtrR porB-G120K × pBS-mtrD-D405NThis study
L3481Penicillinase-producing porB strain (PPNG)Marcia Hobbs, UNC-CH
L3481 porB-G120KL3481 × FA19 porB-G120KThis study
L3481 mtrRL3481 × FA19 penA mtrR porBThis study
L3481 mtrR porB-G120KL3481 mtrR × FA19 porB-G120KThis study
  • a Plasmids used to create these strains have been described previously (28). pMO/porBFA1090 encodes the wild-type PIB from FA1090, pMO/porB-G120K encodes the PIB from FA1090 with the mutation Gly-120 to Lys, pMO/porB-G120D/A121D encodes the PIB from FA1090 with the mutations Gly-120 and Ala-121 to Asp, and pMO/porB-G120X/A121X refers to a library of porBFA1090 genes containing randomized codons at positions 120 and 121.

  • b UNC-CH, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.