Phenotypes of the divJ suppressors

StrainLocusAvg cell length (μm) (no. of cells counted)% of cells with stalksAvg stalk length (μm) (no. of stalks counted)φCbKφCr30Swarm motility
NA1000NAa3.03 (200)671.48 (133)SbSwt
YB3202 (ΔdivJ::spec)NA3.97 (200)643.00 (127)SSdivJe
YB3215 (ΔdivJ::spec sdj-21)cckA4.02 (192)272.19 (51)SPScdivJe
YB3219 (ΔdivJ::spec sdj-25)cckA3.12 (240)131.81 (30)SPSdivJe
YB3216 (ΔdivJ::spec sdj-22)divL3.25 (141)112.17 (16)SRddivJe
YB3227 (ΔdivJ::spec sdj-33)divL3.47 (220)111.61 (23)SRdivJe
YB3229 (ΔdivJ::spec sdj-35)divL3.10 (240)131.95 (31)SRdivJe
  • a NA, not applicable.

  • b S, sensitive.

  • c PS, partially sensitive.

  • d R, resistant.

  • e Less than the wild type (wt) and greater than a fla mutant.