Functional categories of genes under- or overrepresented in regions of differenced

CategoryaNo. of array elements (% of total)
Tohama I genomeRDs
Pseudogenes538 (14.7)45 (23.2)
Adaptation (includes iron storage and osmotic adaptation)67 (1.8)9 (4.6)
Laterally acquired elements63 (1.7)52 (26.8)
Metabolism of small moleculesb613 (16.8)15 (7.7)
Macromolecule metabolism, ribosomec304 (8.3)5 (2.6)
  • a All categories except pseudogenes are single or combined FC headings (reference 31, as classified in reference 28).

  • b Includes the headings amino acid biosynthesis; biosynthesis of cofactors, carriers; central intermediary metabolism; degradation of small molecules; energy metabolism, carbon; fatty acid biosynthesis; and nucleotide biosynthesis.

  • c Includes the headings macromolecule degradation; macromolecule synthesis, modification; and ribosome constituents.

  • d P < 0.05, binomial distribution with Bonferroni correction.