FCT region genotypes for 113 diverse strains

FCT region genotypeFCT region locus No. of isolates (%)
FCT-1 rofA PresentPresentAbsentAbsentAbsent8
FCT-2 rofA AbsentPresentAbsenta AbsentAbsent2
FCT-3 nra AbsentAbsentPresentPresentPresent36 (32)
FCT-4 rofA PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent31 (27)
FCT-5 rofA PresentAbsentAbsentAbsentAbsent19 (17)
FCT-6 rofA AbsentAbsentAbsentAbsentAbsent1
FCT-7 rofA PresentPresentAbsentPresentPresent13 (12)
FCT-8 nra PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent3
  • a No PCR product was obtained with either the Cpa-A or Cpa-B reactions for the two FCT-2 isolates, although amino acid alignment (Table 2) provides evidence for a divergent cpa-like gene in two emm1-type strains.