Amino acid sequence identities of FCT-region genes, based on Clustal W alignments with strain ALAB49

Strainemm typeemm pattern genotypeT serotypeSequence identity FCT-region genotype designationSTc
ALAB4953DT3/13/B1.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.000 (fba-like)FCT-311
2948733DT3/13/B1.0001.0001.0001.0000.9950.9890.9971.000 (fba-like)FCT-33
D633stD633DT3/13/B0.9980.7830.9760.6310.9950.9620.9920.987 (fba-like)FCT-348
MGAS823218A-CTNTf Frameshift0.7770.9820.6370.9910.9940.9950.942 (fba-like)FCT-342
Manfredo5A-CT5/27/440.9960.5790.9650.6920.9910.9940.9950.942 (fba-like)FCT-399
MGAS3153A-CTNT0.9960.5360.9530.675 (orf100)0.9830.978 (orf102)0.9950.938 (fba-like)FCT-315d
CS101; B737e 49ETNT0.9960.4630.953 (lepAL)0.652b 1.000b 0.978 (orf2)0.9950.373 (pfbpI-like)FCT-330
A73512A-CT120.608 (rofA)0.3950.9710.628 (eftLSLA)0.995 (eftLSLB)0.9780.9950.372 (pfbpI-like)FCT-436
MGAS618028ET280.604 (rofA)0.3780.9650.6310.9910.9780.9920.373 (pfbpI-like)FCT-452
MGAS5005; SF3701A-CT10.600 (rofA)0.3540.393 (SPy0127)0.352 (SPy0128)0.473 (SPy0129)0.279 (SPy0130)NANAFCT-228
MGAS10394; D4716A-CT60.604 (rofA)0.072 (fctX)NANANANANANAFCT-137, 382
MGAS107504ENDh 0.605 (rofA)NAg NANANANANANAFCT-539
  • a Alternative gene names are given in parentheses.

  • b The eftLSL sequence is published as readthrough fctA and srtC2; the calculated values in the table assume a stop codon at nucleotides 1033 to 1035 of eftLSL.

  • c From Table S1 in the supplemental material or or determined in silico from whole genome sequences (GenBank accession numbers are listed in the legend to Fig. 1).

  • d Single-locus variant of ST16, the MLST genotype of the strain used for FCT region mapping (see Table S1 in the supplemental material).

  • e CS101 (Minnesota) is a laboratory derivative of B737 (Lancefield) (10); the right half of the FCT region sequence was determined using the CS101 culture, whereas for the right half, the B737 culture was used.

  • f TNT, T nontypeable.

  • g NA, not applicable.

  • h ND, not determined.