Genes potentially dependent on the native DNA-binding domain of QscR

GeneaDescriptionaMaximum fold change (optical density)bSignal specificityc
PA0040Conserved hypothetical protein3.5 (1.4)
PA0104Hypothetical protein3.0 (0.8)
PA0153 pcaH; aromatic compound catabolism−3.9 (3.5)
PA0154 pcaG; aromatic compound catabolism−2.2 (3.5)
PA0496Conserved hypothetical protein−7.1 (0.5)
PA0952Hypothetical protein−2.9 (1.4)
PA0983Conserved hypothetical protein−3.0 (1.4)
PA0986Conserved hypothetical protein9.8 (0.5)
PA1006Conserved hypothetical protein4.0 (1.4)
PA1025Probable porin3.7 (2.0)
PA1210Conserved hypothetical protein7.1 (0.8)
PA1325Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism6.1 (1.4)
PA1326 ilvA2; glycine, serine, and threonine metabolism3.6 (1.4)
PA1381Hypothetical protein8.2 (1.4)
PA1450Conserved hypothetical protein3.9 (1.4)
PA1890Probable glutathione-S-transferase12.0 (1.4)
PA1891Hypothetical protein271 (3.5) las
PA1892Hypothetical protein343 (3.5) las
PA1893Hypothetical protein220 (2.0) las
PA1894Hypothetical protein255 (3.5) las
PA1895Hypothetical protein153 (3.5) las
PA1896Hypothetical protein231 (3.5) las
PA1897Hypothetical protein332 (2.0) las
PA2165Probable glycogen synthase3.1 (0.8) las
PA2274Hypothetical protein−3.4 (1.4) rhl
PA2669Hypothetical protein−2.2 (1.4)
PA2715Probable ferredoxin23.6 (2.0)
PA3866Pyocin protein3.9 (3.5)
PA4148Probable short-chain dehydrogenase4.4 (3.5)
PA4150Probable dehydrogenase E1 component6.2 (3.5)
PA4152Probable hydrolase7.1 (3.5)
PA4498Probable metallopeptidase7.4 (1.4)
PA5083Conserved hypothetical protein−5.4 (2.0)
PA5086Hypothetical protein7.5 (3.5)
PA5349Probable rubredoxin reductase5.7 (2.0)
PA5351 rubA1; rubredoxin reductase44.2 (3.5)
PA5460Hypothetical protein−9.0 (3.5)
PA5566Hypothetical protein22.6 (2.0)
  • a PA gene number, gene name, and description are according to the Pseudomonas Genome Project website ( ).

  • b Expression levels in the strain overexpressing pbad-qscR compared with the strain overexpressing pbad-qscRdbd. Values in parentheses are optical densities at which maximum changes were observed.

  • c Genes regulated by the LasR-I or RhlR-I systems as determined elsewhere previously (22).