Expression of PE_PGRS genes by M. tuberculosis grown under various culture conditions, relative to 16S rRNA gene expressiona

Gene nameSynonymPE_PGRS gene expression under culture conditionb
Log phase (6-10 days)Hypoxia (30 days)Nutrient depletion (30 days)Low pH, 4.5 (30 days)Intracellular growth in BMMO (6 days)
PE_PGRS01Rv0109E (1.82)E (0.83)E (1.24)E (1.34)LE (0.46)
PE_PGRS14Rv0834cHE (2.19)E (1.10)HE (2.56)E (1.26)E (1.30)
PE_PGRS16Rv0977E (1.10)E (0.76)HE (2.35)E (1.14)HE (2.72)
PE_PGRS18Rv0980cLE (0.26)LE (0.15)E (0.84)E (1.23)LE (0.26)
PE_PGRS24Rv1325cE (1.60)E (0.75)E (1.09)E (1.76)E (0.68)
PE_PGRS26Rv1441cE (1.77)LE (0.46)LE (0.29)E (0.58)LE (0.38)
PE_PGRS27Rv1450cNE (0)NE (0)NE (0)NE (0)NE (0)
PE_PGRS30Rv1651cE (0.99)E (0.91)E (0.73)E (1.33)E (0.74)
PE_PGRS33Rv1818cE (1.82)E (0.73)E (0.88)E (1.04)E (0.90)
PE_PGRS34Rv1840cHE (2.04)E (1.17)HE (2.11)E (1.84)E (1.23)
PE_PGRS35Rv1983HE (2.67)E (1.25)E (1.74)E (1.92)E (1.25)
PE_PGRS44Rv2591E (0.71)NE (0)NE (0)NE (0)NE (0)
PE_PGRS45Rv2615cE (0.98)E (0.78)E (1.30)E (0.98)E (1.12)
PE_PGRS50Rv3345cNE (0)NE (0)NE (0)NE (0)NE (0)
PE_PGRS51Rv3367E (0.52)NE (0)NE (0)NE (0)NE (0)
PE_PGRS55Rv3511E (1.51)NE (0)LE (0.14)E (0.5)LE (0.16)
  • a Shown are differential expression patterns of PE_PGRS genes of M. tuberculosis Erdman relative to expression of the 16S rRNA gene, as studied by duplex RT-PCR. Selected PE_PGRS genes of M. tuberculosis Erdman were studied under various physiological conditions. The expressed gel bands were semiquantitated as net intensity (pixel) by using Kodak 1D image analysis software.

  • b The PE_PGRS gene expression levels relative to the 16S rRNA gene expression level are shown in parentheses and are defined as follows: HE, high expression (>2.0); E, expression (0.5 to 2.0); LE, low expression (<0.5); NE, not expressed (0).