Prevalence of induction of biofilm formation by cocultivation among test strains

Strain sourceNo. of strains testedNo. of strains meeting the following criteriona
ACo > AMonoACo > (AMono + AK-12)
ECOR7233 (46)11 (15)
Bacteremia9033 (37)11 (12)
UTI in men6832 (47)6 (9)
Feces—healthy10553 (50)14 (13)
Feces—diarrhea6838 (56)14 (21)
Total403189 (47)56 (14)
  • a Percentages of strains relative to the number of tested strains are shown in parentheses. ACo, A595 of a given strain after coculture with MG1655Str; AMono, A595 of a given strain after monoculture; AK-12, A595 of strain MG1655Str.