Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Reference or source
M. xanthus strains
    DK1622Wild type 26
    DK5208Tn5-132::csgA 35
    DK7853 asgA 476 15
    DK10602DK1622::pTG021This work
    DK10603ΔactB 17
    DK10604ΔactC 17
    DK10605ΔactA 17
    DK10627Mx8[MS1512] → DK10605a This work
    DK10641DK1622::pREG1727This work
    DK10642DK1622 attMx8::pTG027This work
    DK10643Mx8[DK10642] → DK5208This work
    DK10644Mx8[DK10642] → DK7853This work
    DK10645DK10642::pEE106; SalI-NdeIThis work
    DK10646Mx8[DK10642] → DK10605This work
    DK10647Mx8[DK10642] → DK10603This work
    DK10648Mx8[DK10642] → DK10604This work
    DK10649Mx8[DK10642] → MS1512This work
    DK10650Mx8[DK10642] → fruA::TcΩV 47 and this work
    DK10651Mx8[DK10602] → DK10605This work
    DK10652Mx8[DK10602] → DK10603This work
    DK10653Mx8[DK10602] → DK10604This work
    DK10654Mx8[DK10602] → DK5208This work
    DK10655Mx8[DK10602] → DK7853This work
    DK10658DK1622 attMx8::pTG033Table S2b
    DK10659DK1622 attMx8::pTG037enh1-1 (Table S2)
    DK10660DK1622 attMx8::pTG038enh2-1 (Table S2)
    DK10661DK1622 attMx8::pTG039σ54 5 C→T (Table S2)
    DK10662DK1622 attMx8::pTG040σ54 6 C→Δ (Table S2)
    DK10665DK1622::pTG042σ54 1 T→C (Table S2)
    DK10666DK1622::pTG043σ54 7 T→C (Table S2)
    DK10667DK1622::pTG044σ54 2 G→T (Table S2)
    DK10668DK1622::pTG045σ54 3 G→T (Table S2)
    DK10669DK1622::pTG046σ54 4 C→T (Table S2)
    DK10670DK1622::pTG047enh1-2 (Table S2)
    DK10671DK1622::pTG048enh2-2 (Table S2)
    DK10672DK1622::pTG049enh3 (Table S2)
    DK10673DK1622::pTG050C box 1 (Table S2)
    DK10674DK1622::pTG051C box 2 (Table S2)
    DK10675DK1622::pTG052σ54 8 G→T (Table S2)
    MS1512 sdeK (Ω4408) 11
    pBluescriptII SK+3.0 kb; Ampr (bla) lacZ with multiple cloning site for blue-white screeningStratagene
    pEE106Promoter and part of fruA gene in pBGS18 (59) 8
    pJBZ2817.2 kb; Kanr; polylinker sites upstream of lacZ for translational fusionsM. R. K. Alley
    pREG172720.7 kb; Ampr Kanr Mx8 attachment site attP; transcriptional terminators followed by multiple cloning sites upstream of promoterless lacZYA genes for transcriptional fusionsR. Gill (10)
    pSWU12pBGS18 with Tn903 Kanr deleted and replaced with pKS-Tetr cassette; MluI/EcoRI 71
    pTG021pJBZ281::pTG108 (sequence bp 496 to 2192); SmaI-SmaIThis work
    pTG025pTG021::pBluescriptII SK+; EcoRI-BamHIThis work
    pTG027pREG1727::pTG025; EcoRI-XhoIThis work
    pTG033pBluescript/pREG1727::PCR fragment with act promoter region from upstream XhoI to downstream BamHI; BamHI-XhoIThis work
    pTG108Deletion of PstI fragment from pLAG66 (13); PstI-PstIThis work
  • a Can be read as “a stock of Mx8 grown on MS1512 was used to transduce DK10605.”

  • b Table S2 can be found in the supplemental material.