Strains used in this study

StrainRelevant characteristic(s)Reference
E. coli
    DH5αthi-1 hsdR17 gyrA96 recA1 endA1 glnV44 relA1 φ80dlacZΔM15 phoA8 λ26
    C9Hfr Cav relA1 fhuA22 pitA10 spoT1 ompF627 phoR18 creB50123
    MC4100F ΔlacU169 araD139 rpsL thi relA6
    MM52MC4100 secA(Ts)5137
    IQ86Tn10 thiA Δlac araD rpsL rpsE relA45
    IQ85IQ86 secY(Ts)2445
    HPT244MC4100 Δara-714 ffs-69 zba-3054::Tn1050
    HPT406MC4100 Δara-714 pheA3141::Tn10Kan ffh-8751
    MC1060Δ(codB-lacI)3 galK16 galE15(GalS) λ e14 mcrA relA1 rpsL150(Strr) spoT1 mcrB1 hsdR27
    JS7131MC1060 attB::R6Kori ΔyidC ParaBAD-yidC43
    MC1060 ffs-69MC1060 ffs-69 zba-3054::Tn10This study
    MC1060 ffh-87MC1060 pheA3141::Tn10Kan ffh-87This study
P. aeruginosa
    PAO25PAO1 leu arg25
    PAO1ΔTPAO1 ΔxcpT3
    DZQ40PAO1ΔxcpP to xcpZ2
    PAOΔhxcΔpilACΔRNonpolar deletions of the entire hxc gene cluster, of pilA to part of pilC, and of the xcpR gene16