Effects of Hfq on mRNA levels of σ32 and its regulon members

GeneAvg expression ratio in hfq+ wild type vs hfq mutanta
rpoH1.21 (1.09, 1.35)
dnaKJb0.67 (0.50, 0.89)
lon0.64 (0.44, 0.92)
htpG0.71 (0.58, 0.87)
topA0.77 (0.69, 0.86)
hslVUb0.59 (0.43, 0.79)
groES groELb0.48 (0.31, 0.75)
  • a Average microarray mRNA ratios of hfq+ wild type (CAG50008) versus the hfq mutant (CAG50009). Averages and standard deviations were calculated from the log2-transformed data of eight independent microarrays (the average ±1 standard deviation is given in parentheses). The values are presented as ratios.

  • b Data for first gene of operon.