Bioassay results with complemented V. cholerae and E. coli strains

StrainGrowtha on iron source
EnterobactinHemeFerrichromeFerric ammonium citrateφ80
E. coli
    KP1032b ND+
    KP1032(pMS789)c ND+
    KP1032(pMS800)d ND+
V. cholerae
    DOV221e +++ND
    DOV300f +ND
  • a +, zone of growth around the iron source; −, no growth around the iron source. ND, not determined.

  • b E. coli tonB mutant.

  • c Plasmid expressing exbB2, exbD2, and tonB2.

  • d Plasmid expressing ttpC, exbB2, exbD2, and tonB2.

  • e V. cholerae exbB2 polar mutant.

  • f V. cholerae exbB1 nonpolar mutant; exbB2 polar mutant.