GUS activities of the hpaR promoter-gusA reporter in different genetic backgrounds under different growth conditions

StrainGUS activity (U)a in:
8004pG280.043 ± 0.01a2.74 ± 0.445a1.19 ± 0.06a
8004XpG280.025 ± 0.007a0.25 ± 0.041c0.055 ± 0.003b
8004GpG280.040 ± 0.003a0.44 ± 0.106b0.09 ± 0.046b
8004R pG280.051 ± 0.008a2.53 ± 0.314a1.23 ± 0.12a
  • a GUS activities were determined after growth of X. campestris pv. campestris in NYG for 24 h and in MMX and XVM2 for 48 h. Data are the means ± standard deviations from triplicate measurements. Different letters indicate significant differences (P = 0.05). The experiment was repeated twice, and similar results were obtained.