Coaggregation and antibody reactivities of Veillonella reference strains

Veillonella reference strain (isolation site)Coaggregation with Streptococcus reference strainaAntibody reactivityb
S. gordonii DL1S. oralis H1S. oralis 34S. oralis J22SM PK509S. gordonii PK488Anti-1910Anti-R1
Coaggregating strains
    V. parvula 10790 (intestine)++++++++
    V. parvula 17745 (oral cavity)++++++++++
    V. atypica PK1910 (subgingival plaque)+++++++++++
    V. dispar PK1950 (oral cavity)++++++++++++
    V. atypica N20A17 (subgingival plaque)++++++++++++
    V. atypica N37A19 (subgingival plaque)++++++++++++
    V. parvula N12A20 (subgingival plaque)++++++++++
Noncoaggregating strains
    V. dispar 17748 (oral cavity)+++
    V. atypica 17744 (saliva)+
    V. parvula PK1941 (oral cavity)
    V. atypica N18A16 (subgingival plaque)++++
    V. atypica N19A11 (subgingival plaque)+++
  • a Coaggregation interaction: ++, strong; +, weak; −, none.

  • b Reactivity at 5 μg protein/ml labeled primary antibody: ++, similar to that of the antigen strain (PK1910 or R1); +, discernible but clearly weaker than that of the antigen strain; −, none.