HP1315JHP12350.39Ribosomal protein, rps19op hp1320-hp1292?
        HP1316JHP12360.35Ribosomal protein, rpl2op hp1320-hp1292?− (39)
        HP1318JHP12380.47Ribosomal protein, rpl4op hp1320-hp1292?− (39)
        HP1319JHP12390.48Ribosomal protein, rpl3op hp1320-hp1292?− (39)
        HP1554JHP14450.28Ribosomal protein, rps2op hp1454-hp1455
        HP1555JHP14440.36Translation elongation factor EF-Tsop hp1454-hp1455
    Transport and binding proteins
        HP0140JHP01280.30Predicted l-lactate permease, lctPop 0140-hp0141?− (7)
        HP0299JHP02840.35Predicted dipeptide permease protein, dppBop hp0298-hp0304+ (39), − (7)
        HP0300JHP02850.37Predicted dipeptide transport system permease protein, dppCop hp0298-hp0304+ (39)
        HP0302JHP02870.35Predicted dipeptide transport system permease protein, dppFop hp0298-hp0304+ (39)
        HP0693JHP06350.24Predicted short-chain fatty acid transporterop hp0690-hp0693+ (39)
        HP1181JHP11070.47Predicted multidrug efflux transporterop hp1181-hp1182− (39)
        HP0747JHP06840.21Predicted S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferaseop hp0745-hp0750?
        HP0697JHP06310.07Conserved hypothetical proteinop hp0695-hp0697+ (39)
        HP0902JHP08390.42Conserved hypothetical proteinop hp0902-hp0901
        HP04230.43Hypothetical proteinop hp0427-hp0423?+ (7, 30)
        HP0699JHP06390.48Hypothetical proteinop hp0698-hp0703
        HP0874JHP08080.29Hypothetical proteinm?+ (39)
        HP1412JHP13070.40Hypothetical proteinop hp1408-hp1412?+ (30, 39)
HP1021-repressed genesa
    Ammonia production
        HP0070JHP00652.94Urease accessory protein, ureEop hp0071-hp0067+ (30, 39)
        HP1238JHP15592.80Aliphatic amidase, amiFm+ (7, 20, 30)
    Biosynthesis of cofactors, prosthetic groups, and carriers
        HP0306JHP02912.24Glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase, hemLop hp0305-hp0308+ (20, 30, 39)
    Cell envelope
        HP0229JHP02142.49Outer membrane protein, omp6 (hopA)m− (7, 20, 30, 39)
        HP0722JHP06592.69Outer membrane protein, omp16 (hopO)m− (7, 20, 30)
        HP0725JHP06623.77Outer membrane protein, omp17 (hopP)m− (7, 20, 30)
        HP1083JHP03422.40Predicted outer membrane protein, hofBm− (30)
    Energy metabolism
        HP0954JHP08882.65NAD(P)H-dependent nitroreductaseop hp0966-hp0954?+ (30)
        HP1399JHP14272.52Arginase, rocFm+ (39), − (30)
    Fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism
        HP0950JHP08442.87Predicted acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase carboxyl transferase subunit beta, accDop hp0950-hp0948+ (39)
    Transport and binding proteins
        HP0686JHP06262.32Iron(III) dicitrate transport protein, fecA1m− (30)
        HP1400JHP14264.33Iron(III) dicitrate transport protein, fecA3m− (7)
        HP1174JHP11013.42Glucose/galactose transporterm− (30)
        HP09672.13Predicted virulence-associate protein Dm
        HP1242JHP11632.59Conserved hypothetical proteinm
        HP0966JHP0900/JHP09012.42Conserved hypothetical proteinop hp0966-hp0954?
        HP13343.86Conserved hypothetical proteinm− (39)
        HP0937JHP08722.22Conserved hypothetical proteinm?+ (39)
        HP0938JHP08733.14Conserved hypothetical proteinm?
        HP0948JHP08822.07Conserved hypothetical proteinop hp0950-hp0948+ (39)
        HP0946JHP08802.12Conserved hypothetical integral membrane proteinm
        HP0097JHP00892.10Hypothetical proteinm− (20, 39)
        HP0242JHP02272.97Hypothetical proteinop hp0243-hp0236?+ (30, 39)
        HP09453.73Hypothetical proteinm
        HP0947JHP08812.83Hypothetical proteinm− (30)
        HP0953JHP08872.08Hypothetical proteinm?+ (39)
        HP0990JHP09382.12Hypothetical proteinm+ (39)
        HP09922.41Hypothetical proteinm
  • a Genes listed are those whose transcription, according to microarray analysis, differed more than twofold (ratio of >2.0 and <0.5) in the HP0121-deficient mutant H. pylori 26695/HP1021::km compared to the 26695 wild-type strain.

  • b ORF numbers and prediction of transcriptional units are according to the genome sequences of H. pylori 26695 and J99 (2, 35).

  • c The functional annotation is that used by the PyloriGene database (http://www.pasteur.fr/english.html).

  • d m indicates monocistronically transcribed genes, and op indicates putative transcriptional units. A question mark indicates that the proposed operon structure cannot be unambiguously deduced from the genome sequence.

  • e Where a reference(s) is given, pH-responsive transcription or ArsR∼P-dependent regulation was reported by Merrell et al. (20), Wen et al. (39), Bury-Moné et al. (7), or Pflock et al. (30). A plus sign denotes positive regulation by a low pH or ArsR∼P, and a minus sign denotes negative regulation by a low pH or ArsR∼P.