IAS calculated for the entire collection, for the STs only, and for selected clusters of the collection

Group selectionIASP valuea
ParametricSimulation (100 iterations)
Entire collection (217 isolates)0.28980.00000.0100
STs only (74 STs)0.16850.00000.0100
    160 isolates0.17130.00000.0100
    39 STs−0.00111.00000.4500
    Cluster I
        91 isolates0.02060.14300.1500
        15 STs−0.09351.00001.0000
    Cluster II
        69 isolates0.03250.00010.0100
        24 STs−0.01791.00000.8400
  • a The measure of linkage disequilibrium is performed by testing the null hypothesis (H0), VD = Ve, where VD is the variance calculated from the distribution of mismatch values of variance and Ve is the variance expected for linkage equilibrium. P values are derived from the parametric and simulation methods and indicate the significance of linkage disequilibrium. A P value must be <0.05 for hypothesis rejection.