Variant SLV alleles among all CCs and singletons identified in the study collection and identification of the genetic events involved

ST of clonal ancestorST of SLVVariant locusAncestral alleleSLV alleleNo. of nucleotide differencesOther CC(s) containing SLV alleleAmino acid changeaGenetic eventb
183gtr217CC1, CC2, CC21, S552 Syn + E→V, L→H, A→V, C→H, L→SR
138mut254CC11, CC33, CC49, CC66, S39, S821 Syn + A→S, I→T, E→KR
280arc7211CC231 SynM
254arc7113CC1, CC42, S32, S44, S55, S60, S65, S7310 Syn + K→E, I→V, K→QR
235arc7214CC21, S810 Syn + K→E, I→V, K→Q, E→KR
276mut2141None1 SynM
274mut2122None1 Syn + S→CR
243pyr412CC1, CC21, CC42, S44, S82 SynR
275tpi1131CC42, S391 SynR
248yqiL146CC116 SynR
461arc121CC21, S8E→KR
577arc1231None1 SynM
587arc1713CC2310 Syn + K→D, I→V, K→QR
557mut122CC1, CC21, S441 Syn + Y→RR
617gtr268S442 Syn + V→A, E→V, A→V, P→T, C→H, L→SR
65gtr217CC1, CC21, S552 Syn + E→V, L→H, A→V, C→H, L→SR
658pyr1131CC42, S39Y→RR
685pyr211CC1, CC21, CC42, S8, S441 SynR
689mut212CC2, CC23, CC42, S8, S32, S55, S90A→S, I→LR
1041yqiL1117CC11, C661 Syn + Y→H, E→G, Y→C, L→S, F→C, I→TR
1153pyr3112CC492 SynR
1171tpi413CC1, CC2, CC21, CC66, S8, S44, S55, S60, S731 Syn, G→S, W→RR
1150yqiL1141CC2, S82S→LR
1486aro121CC1, CC21, CC49, S55, S72I→KR
1769aro1181None1 SynM
174mut261S60, S731 SynR
2034tpi1131CC42, S391 SynR
2152aro121CC1, CC2, CC49, S55, S72I→KR
2379arc2171CC21 SynR
3347aro10113CC2, CC11, CC21, CC23, CC49, S8, S32, S60, S908 Syn + R→S, Y→N, K→I, I→L, I→VR
4351yqiL185None1 Syn + E→G, Y→C, I→T, Y→HR
4984aro121CC1, CC2, CC21, S55, S72I→KR
4964pyr3112CC112 SynR
546pyr421S55, S60 S73, S901 SynR
5759arc121CC21, S8E-KR
5710pyr2310CC11, CC23, CC49, S32, S829 Syn + Y→RR
5981aro1171None1 SynM
6668tpi1412CC1, CC2, CC11, CC21, S8, S44, S55, S60, S732 SynM
7563arc7222S39N→H, I→MR
8078tpi1131CC42, S391 SynR
8514mut212CC23, CC42, S8, S32, S55, S901 Syn + A→SR
8940pyr2310CC11, CC23, CC49, S32, S829 Syn + Y→RR
Total95 Syn + 71 Non-Syn37R+15M
  • a Syn, synonymous substitutions; Non-syn, nonsynonymous substitutions. Capital letters correspond to amino acids.

  • b R, recombination event; M, mutation event.