Bacillus subtilis strains

StrainRelevant genotypeComments and/or source (reference)a
RG1337 (JH642)Wild-type domesticatedLaboratory stock (2)
RG1338amyE::luxS-lacZ catThis study
RG1339luxS::pJM103 catThis study
RG1340luxS::pJM103 cat::spcpCm::Spc (BGSC)b→RG1339
RG1341amyE::luxS-lacZ cat luxS::pJM103 cat::spcRG1338→RG1339
RG4365Wild-type undomesticated natto strainLaboratory stock (A. Nakamura)
RG4366amyE::luxS-lacZ catThis study
RG4367luxS::pJM103 catThis study
RG4368amyE::sspB-lacZ catRG348 (36)→RG4365
RG4369amyE::luxS-lacZ cat luxS::pJM103 cat::spcThis study
RG12604amyE::abrB-lacZ catLaboratory stock (2)
RG1342amyE::abrB-lacZ cat luxS::pJM103 cat::spcRG12604→RG1340
RG438amyE::sinR-lacZ catLaboratory stock (18)
RG1343amyE::sinR-lacZ cat luxS::pJM103 cat::spcRG438→RG1340
RG19005amyE::spo0A-lacZ catLaboratory stock (36)
RG1344amyE::spo0A-lacZ cat luxS::pJM103 cat::spcRG19005→RG1340
RG1345amyE::luxS-lacZ cat ΔabrB::spcRG1338→RG12607 (2)
RG1346amyE::luxS-lacZ cat ΔsinR::pheoRG1338→RG432 (18)
RG1347amyE::luxS-lacZ cat Δspo0A::eryRG955 (36)→RG1338
RG4380amyE::luxS-lacZ cat Δspo0A::eryRG955 (36)→RG4366
RG4381amyE::luxS-lacZ cat ΔsinR::pheoRG432 (18)→RG4366
  • a Strain construction is indicated by an arrow. Chromosomal DNA or plasmid DNA listed at the tail of the arrow was used to transform the strains listed at the head of the arrow.

  • b BGSC, Bacillus Genetic Stock Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.