H. pylori proteins detected by 2D-DIGE/MS analysis

H. pylori 26695 geneProteinAgrobacterium homologueProtein identification dataaPredicted molecular mass (kDa)Predicted pIPredicted signal sequence
HP0522Cag345, 7, 0, 23b558.87Yes
HP0525VirB11/ATPaseVirB11253, 14, 5, 46376.43No
HP0526CagZ/6233, 11, 4, 44235.00No
HP0528CagX/8VirB9428, 28, 7, 41609.42Yes
HP0534CagS/13190, 9, 4, 37238.97No
HP0537CagM/16269, 15, 5, 35449.25Yes
HP0547CagA/26515, 37, 9, 161328.82No
  • a The four values reported are the combined MS and MS/MS molecular weight search scores (MASCOT algorithm, scores above 57 are within the 95th percentile confidence interval), the number of peptides matched, the number of peptides with MS/MS data, and percentage of the amino acids accounted for by the matching peptides (coverage), respectively. Searches were performed without constraining taxonomy or molecular mass/pI and accounted for up to one missed trypsin cleavage, partial oxidation of methionine, and carbamidomethylation of cysteine sulfhydryls.

  • b Scores are generally lower for Cag3 due to the presence of peptide ions from an H. pylori-encoded protein that comigrates with Cag3.