Genes up-regulated in N. gonorrhoeae strain JKD5068 when RpoH is overexpressed

Open reading frameaGeneFold change Proposed functiond
NGO0288 rpoH 3.210.1RNA polymerase sigma factor
NGO1244e marR 2.38.9Transcriptional regulator MarR
NGO1046 clpB 2.35.1HSP, chaperone
NGO1429 dnaK 2.23.1HSP, chaperone
NGO1422 grpE 2.1HSP, chaperone
NGO0775 lon 2.0ATP-dependent protease
NGO1694 folA 2.0Dihydrofolate reductase
NGO0116 secB 2.02.7Protein secretion
NGO2094 groES 1.9HSP, chaperone
NGO12221.8OsmC-like family protein
NGO0570 creA 1.8DNA-binding protein
NGO1901 dnaJ 1.7HSP, chaperone
NGO14261.6Conserved hypothetical protein
  • a Designations from the annotation at .

  • b Average expression ratio from microarray analysis for genes that were up-regulated at least 1.5-fold with a P value of ≤0.001.

  • c Expression ratio for genes that were analyzed by quantitative real-time RT-PCR.

  • d Proposed functions of the genes based on sequence annotation, sequence homology, and previous investigations. HSP, heat shock protein.

  • e P = 0.009.