Test of the null hypothesis of linkage equilibrium among 91 multilocus STs in a global collection of 231 Medicago-nodulating rhizobial strainsa

ST(s) includedNo. of STsGenetic diversityMismatch variationStandardized IaMonte Carlo P valueReject null hypothesis?
All910.59 ± 0.047.622.240.260.010Yes
Group 1b550.33 ± 0.071.431.71−0.020.918No
Groups 5 and 3b160.35 ± 0.091.651.420.020.224No
  • a Groups were partitioned on the basis of the results in Fig. 1 and 2 and also on the basis of the corresponding MLEE data of Eardly and van Berkum (9). Ia, index of association.

  • b Plus associated singletons.