STs with multiple strains

STRepresentative strainaStrain(s) with the same ST
1USDA 1002A145, ATCC 9930, N6B5, 128A9, 3-3, 128A13, 5C6, 17C3, 5A13, M91, M99, M100, 5A10, 5A12, 5B19, 15B65, 15B69, 27-2, 128A8, 54032, LS2A, M68, U45, M94
417B61322, M248, N6B9, M275, M287, M163, M164, M182, M288, M291, 15A5, M47, M52, M266, M276, M35
556A14USDA 1948, 128A10, 128A14, 15B66, 56A11, 56A13, 128A12, 15B61, 56A4, 56A18, 15B1, 56A2, 56A17
674B3M289, N6B4, 128A6, M101
874B1217C1, N6B6
11A32112, CC 169
121021M250, M255, M267, M199, M200, M224, M240, 5B17, M183, M192, 5C15, 19A19, 74B6, 74B14, 311, CC 2003, M11, M5, RCR2011, RF22, S26, M252, M32
15M58M104, M173, M16, M53, M9
3019A419A11, 74B20
3119A817C5, 19A20, N4A2, N4A5, N4A6, N4A8, N4A10, N4A11, 19A16, 74B5, 17A6, 17A7, 19A6, 74B9, B294, L5-30, N4A3, U54
33M207M176, M180, M184, M191, M197
36M256M258, M253, M260, M20, M265
46N4A7N4A9, N6B3
51194417A8, 17B7, 17C2
60M76M105, M165, M292, M6, M44, M49, M50, M201, M21
  • a USDA 1002 is the type strain for Sinorhizobium meliloti; A321 is the type strain for Sinorhizobium medicae. All other STs consisted of a single strain.