Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype or descriptionaReference or source
Bacterial strains
    Salmonella serovar Typhimurium ATCC 14028
        UMR1ATCC 14028-1s Nalr 31
        MAE32UMR1 PcsgD2 36
        MAE50UMR1 ΔcsgD101 35
        MAE51MAE32 ΔcsgD101 35
        MAE52UMR1 PcsgD1 36
        MAE97MAE52 ΔcsgBA102 35
        MAE171MAE52 ΔbcsA102 48
        MAE120UMR1 STM3615::Kmr 20
        MAE121UMR1 STM3388::Kmr 20
        MAE258UMR1 STM1283::Cmr 20
        MAE259UMR1 STM1987::Cmr 20
        MAE260UMR1 ΔadrA103 20
        MAE262UMR1 STM2672::Cmr 20
        MAE263UMR1 STM4551::Cmr 20
        MAE272UMR1 STM2123::Cmr 20
        MAE279UMR1 STM2410::Cmr 20
        MAE280UMR1 STM2503::Cmr 20
        MAE281UMR1 STM3375::Cmr 20
        MAE282UMR1 STM1703::Cmr 20
        MAE420UMR1 STM3611::Cmr This study
        MAE421UMR1 STM2215::Cmr This study
        MAE422UMR1 STM1827::Cmr This study
        MAE423UMR1 STM0468::Cmr This study
        MAE424UMR1 STM1344::Cmr This study
        MAE425UMR1 STM4264::Cmr This study
        MAE426UMR1 STM0343::Cmr This study
        MAE427UMR1 STM1697::Cmr This study
        MAE428UMR1 npt lacI PlacUV5 This study
        MAE430UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM2672::Cmr This study
        MAE431UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM2672::Cmr This study
        MAE432UMR1 ΔcsgD101 ΔSTM1703::Cmr This study
        MAE433UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM4551::Cmr This study
        MAE434UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM4551::Cmr This study
        MAE435UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM4264::Cmr This study
        MAE437UMR1 ΔcsgD101 STM4264::Cmr This study
        MAE441UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM1283::Cmr This study
        MAE442UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM1283::Cmr This study
        MAE443UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM2123::Cmr This study
        MAE444UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM1223::Cmr This study
        MAE445UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM1987::Cmr This study
        MAE446UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM1987::Cmr This study
        MAE448UMR1 ΔadrA103 STM1703::Cmr This study
        MAE449UMR1 ΔadrA103 STM4264::Cmr This study
        MAE450UMR1 ΔSTM3611::101 STM3375::Cmr This study
        MAE451UMR1 ΔSTM3611::101 STM1344::Cmr This study
        MAE453UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 This study
        MAE454UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 This study
        MAE455UMR1 ΔSTM3611::101 This study
        MAE464UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM3388::Cmr This study
        MAE465UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM3388::Cmr This study
        MAE466UMR1 ΔcsgD101 STM4264::101 This study
        MAE265UMR1 ΔcsgD bcsA101::MudJ 20
        MAE468UMR1 ΔcsgD bcsA101::MudJ STM4264::Cmr This study
        MAE469UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM3375::Cmr This study
        MAE472UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM3615::Kmr This study
        MAE473UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM2410::Cmr This study
        MAE474UMR1 ΔSTM4264::101 STM2503::Cmr This study
        MAE475UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM3375::Cmr This study
        MAE476UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM3615::Kmr This study
        MAE477UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM2410::Cmr This study
        MAE478UMR1 ΔSTM1703::101 STM2503::Cmr This study
        MAE490UMR1 ΔSTM1703 npt lacI PlacUV5 STM4264This study
    Salmonella serovar Typhimurium LT2 LB5010 metA22 metE551 ilv-452 leu-3121 trpO2 xyl-404 galE856 hsdLT6 hsdSA29 hsdSB121 rpsL120
    Escherichia coli K-12 DH5α endA1 hsdR17 supE44 thi-1 recA1 gyrA relA1 Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169(φ80lacZΔM15)Laboratory collection
        pBAD30Arabinose-regulated expression vector, Ampr 15
        pEH1IPTG-inducible lac promoter; lacI repressor 16
        pKD46λ red recombinase system, Ampr, temperature-sensitive replication 7
        pKD3FRT-flanked cat cassette, Ampr Cmr 7
        pRGS1pBAD30::yhjH, Ampr 42
        pRGS2pBAD30::STM1827, Ampr 42
        pRGS25pBAD30::STM1703, Ampr This study
        pWJB30pBAD30::adrA, Ampr 48
  • a Nalr, nalixidic acid resistant; Ampr, ampicillin resistant; FRT, FLP recombination target. Entire open reading frames, except the 40 nucleotides at the beginning and at the end of the gene, were replaced by either a kanamycin resistance marker (Kmr) or chloramphenicol resistance marker (Cmr).