Inhibition of cell division and abnormal morphology in COLspacP1 cells grown without IPTG

Strain (growth condition)InitialFinalCell diam (μm)aTotal no. of cells measured
COLspacP1 (without IPTG)0.051.1 × 1060.82.7 × 1061.29 ± 0.02106
COLspacP1 (with 500 μM IPTG)0.051.2 × 1060.81.7 × 1070.89 ± 0.01165
COL0.88 ± 0.01141
  • a The longitudinal length (from pole to pole) of every cell within the electron microscopy field was measured. The diameters of COLspacP1 cells grown without IPTG were determined only for cells belonging to major subpopulation 2, which maintain the parental ratio between the equatorial and longitudinal axes of the cells (see the text for details).