Proteins identified by MALDI-TOF MSa

Protein nameProtein CI (%)bTotal protein scorecEstimated size (kDa)HP26695 gene no.d% MeteFunction
SSR96.028922.24hp10093.5DNA Repair
Trx199.9210611.84hp0824NAElectron transport
Seryl t-RNA synthase34.122747.44hp14803.2Protein synthesis
TolB precursor protein03647.71hp11263.1Colicin tolerance
  • a The proteins listed were observed in three different CIP experiments performed using cell extracts of H. pylori strain SS1. The bands were excised from the SYPRO-RUBY-stained gel and then identified using MALDI-TOF MS at The University of Georgia Proteomics Facility.

  • b Protein CI is a statistical calculation of how closely the acquired data match previous database searches. The closer the confidence percentage value is to 100%, the more likely the protein is correctly identified.

  • c Total protein score is calculated as −10 × Log(P), where P is the probability that the observed match is a random event. Only protein scores greater than 72 are significant (P < 0.05).

  • d Gene annotation and putative function are based on HP26695 (http//

  • e NA, not available.