Carbon balances of L. reuteri ATCC 55730 cultures on glucose, sucrose, and glucose plus fructosea

Carbon sourceSGFMLAECO2% C balance (mean ± SD)
G8.67.702.12.1103 ± 3
S8. ± 1
G and F5.911115.33.002.2110 ± 1
  • a Cultures were grown on 50 g liter−1 glucose, 50 g liter−1 sucrose, and 25 g liter−1 each glucose plus fructose. S, consumed sucrose; G, produced/consumed glucose; F, produced/consumed fructose; M, mannitol; L, lactate; A, acetate; E, ethanol. All values except those for C balance are given in g liter−1 and are the means of the results of duplicate experiments.