S. pneumoniae strains used in this study

Strain nameSerotypeDescriptionaSource or reference
6A-T6ATransparent variant of clinical isolate P30316
6A-T Smr6ALys56→Thr in RpsL [rpsL(K56T)] conferring SmrThis study
6A-TΔnanA6AΔnanA (Cmr)18
6A-TΔnanB6AΔnanB rpsL(K56T) (Smr)This study
6A-TΔnanAΔnanB6AΔnanA (Cmr) ΔnanB rpsL(K56T) (Smr)This study
6A-TΔbgaA6AΔbgaA (Emr)This study
6A-TΔstrH6AΔstrH (Spr)This study
6A-TΔnanAΔnanBΔbgaAΔstrH6AΔnanA (Cmr) ΔnanB rpsL(K56T) (Smr) ΔbgaA (Emr) ΔstrH (Spr)This study
TIGR44Clinical isolate35
TIGR4 Smr4Lys56→Thr in RpsL [rpsL(K56T)] conferring Smr1
TIGR4ΔnanA4ΔnanA (Cmr)This study
TIGR4ΔnanB4ΔnanB rpsL(K56T) (Smr)This study
TIGR4ΔnanAΔnanB4ΔnanA (Cmr) ΔnanB rpsL(K56T) (Smr)This study
TIGR4ΔnanAΔnanBΔbgaAΔstrH4ΔnanA (Cmr) ΔnanB rpsL(K56T) (Smr) ΔbgaA (Emr) ΔstrH (Spr)This study
C06_1822FClinical isolateThis study
C06_2915B/CClinical isolateThis study
C06_3123FClinical isolateThis study
C06_3935FClinical isolateThis study
C06_576A/BClinical isolateThis study
C06_5819AClinical isolateThis study
  • a Cmr, resistant to chloramphenicol; Smr, resistant to streptomycin; Emr, resistant to erythromycin; Spr, resistant to spectinomycin.