Microarray analysis of wild-type (AWS96) and Aco1 (AWS141) cells at h 8 of stationary phasea

GeneExpression ratioTranscription mode
gerBB4.12.6σG dependent
spoIVB1.82.1σG dependent
spoVAB2.12.4σG dependent
sspD11.46.1σG dependent
sspH16.91.4σG dependent
sspI4.81.8σG dependent
sspJ12.11.3σG dependent
sspK4.51.7σG dependent
cgeA27.52.5σK dependent
cgeB52.01.4σK dependent
cgeC8.71.6σK dependent
cgeD5.71.4σK dependent
cotA8.82.3σK dependent
cotB99.52.6σK dependent
cotC7.31.9σK dependent
cotD48.01.3σK dependent
cotG74.21.8σK dependent
cotS3.20.8σK dependent
cotSA27.73.2σK dependent
cotT36.32.1σK dependent
cotW130.75.4σK dependent
cotX95.01.7σK dependent
cotY134.72.2σK dependent
gerE6.81.2σK dependent
  • a Aside from the time of isolation, the method is as described in Table 2, footnote a.