ORFs in the middle and 3′ regions of ICEKp1

ORFProduct size (amino acids)LocationaHomologous protein(s)SourceAmino acid identitybAccession no.
No.DesignationStart siteStop siteNo. of matching amino acidsTotal no. of amino acids
1ORF12033625635645Transposase and inactivated derivatives Y. pestis 179188 ZP_00797222
2ORF2633637136180IS100 ORF1 Shigella dysenteriae 6063 ZP_406030
3ORF33003736836466Transposase and inactivated derivatives Y. pestis 297300 ZP_01175356.1
4ORF41263793637556Hypothetical protein
5ORF5763837938609VagC Salmonella enterica 7175 ZP_271744.1
6ORF61383860639022VagD K. pneumoniae CG43135138 NP_943352.1
7ORF7873904039303Hypothetical protein LV173 K. pneumoniae CG435174 NP_943463.1
8 iroN 7244163239458IroN E. coli UTI89686725 ZP_540133.1
9 iroB 3714250443619IroB K. pneumoniae CG43362371 NP_943394.1
10 iroC 12314370647401IroC K. pneumoniae CG4311981214 NP_943393.1
11 iroD 4094750748736IroD K. pneumoniae CG43404409 NP_943392.1
12 pagO 3045065549741PagO K. pneumoniae CG43275300 NP_943390.1
13ORF131835127950728Hypothetical protein
14 rmpA 2105228651654Regulator of mucoid phenotype K. pneumoniae CG43183210 AAL25252.1
15ORF15545230052464Hypothetical protein
16ORF162175282853481Hypothetical protein LV256 K. pneumoniae CG43175179 NP_943388.1
17ORF17615430454119Transposase and inactivated derivatives Y. pestis 6161 ZP_00797222.1
18ORF18775478955022Putative ATP/GTP-binding protein remnant Y. pestis 4666 NP_995420
19 virB1 2365509555805Pilx1/VirB1-like protein E. coli ECOR31232236 AAP70283.1
20 virB2 975580556098VirB2-like protein E. coli ECOR319797 AAP70284.1
21 virB3-virB 4 9125611158849Pilx3-4/VirB3-4-like protein E. coli ECOR31897912 AAP70302.1
22 virB5 2345886759571Pilx5/VirB5-like protein E. coli ECOR31224229 AAP70285.1
23 virB6 3595982060899Pilx6/VirB6-like protein E. coli ECOR31296354 AAP70286.1
24 virB8 2276111561798Type IV secretion system VirB8 component Y. pestis 226227 NP_995427.1
25 virB9 3026179562703Type IV secretory pathway VirB9 component Y. pestis 293301 NP_995428.1
26 virB10 4166274763997Pilx10/VirB10-like protein E. coli ECOR31402416 AAP70288.1
27 virB11 3416398765012Type IV secretory pathway VirB11 component Y. pestis 335341 NP_995430.1
28ORF281326500965407Hypothetical protein YP_pCRY17 Yersinia pestis 118132 NP_995431.1
29ORF291006544365745YggA-like protein E. coli ECOR3169101 AAP70290.1
30ORF301016578866093Unknown E. coli ECOR3183101 AAP70307.1
31ORF311006620466506Unknown E. coli ECOR3199100 AAP70308.1
32 mobB 6296677368662MobB-like protein E. coli ECOR31607629 AAP70291.1
33 mobC 2486867269418MobC-like protein E. coli ECOR31212245 AAP70292.1
34 ardC 3157056169614Antirestriction protein E. coli ECOR31290315 AAP70295.1
35ORF352717236171546Hypothetical protein
36ORF361157300972662Hypothetical protein Nham_1368 N. hamburgensis 5093 ZP_576652.1
37ORF374647440373009UBA/THIF-type NAD/flavin adenine dinucleotide binding fold N. hamburgensis 235459 ZP_576653.1
38ORF383757550374376Hypothetical protein Nham_1370 N. hamburgensis 176353 ZP_576654.1
39ORF391827614675598Conserved hypothetical proteinGram-negative bacterium93175 AAQ10297.1
40ORF403677729276189Hypothetical protein Shewmr7DRAFT_1704 Shewanella sp. strain MR-7147365 ZP_00855252.1
  • a Nucleotide position in the GenBank accession no. AB298504 sequences.

  • b Determined by BLAST-P analysis.