S. meliloti genes whose up-regulation by heat is RpoE2 dependent as identified by microarray analysis

GeneDescriptionM value (wild type vs. rpoE2)a
sma0091Hypothetical protein1.36
sma0113Putative sensory transduction histidine kinase1.73b
sma0114Putative sensory transduction regulatory protein1.72
sma0134Hypothetical protein1.60b
sma0541Hypothetical protein1.35
sma2071Hypothetical protein1.58
smb20007katC catalase C protein1.97b
smb20086Hypothetical protein3.30
smb20092Conserved hypothetical protein1.03
smb20227ndiA1 nutrient deprivation-induced protein1.07b
smb20228ndiA2 nutrient deprivation-induced protein1.52
smb20229ndiB nutrient deprivation-induced protein1.20
smb20251Hypothetical protein1.14
smb20454Conserved hypothetical protein2.35
smb20654Hypothetical protein1.01
smb20704glgA2 putative glycogen synthase protein3.28
smb20933exsG putative two-component sensor histidine kinase protein2.92
smb21357Hypothetical membrane protein1.86
smb21441Putative inosine 5′ monophosphate dehydrogenase protein2.82
smb21446glgX2 probable glycosyl hydrolase protein1.21
smb21454Hypothetical protein1.07
smb21456Hypothetical protein1.79b
smb21473Conserved hypothetical protein1.44
smb21474Putative dehydrogenase (3-oxoacyl acyl carrier protein reductase)1.19
smb21480Conserved hypothetical protein1.25
smb21481Conserved hypothetical protein2.17
smb21484rpoE5 putative RNA polymerase σE factor1.12b
smb21673Hypothetical protein2.08
smb21687Hypothetical protein1.20
smc00063Hypothetical transmembrane protein1.86
smc00371Conserved hypothetical protein3.58b
smc00665Hypothetical/unknown protein1.05
smc00792Hypothetical transmembrane protein1.17
smc00796Hypothetical transmembrane protein1.85
smc00800Hypothetical transmembrane protein2.30
smc00885Hypothetical transmembrane signal peptide protein3.49b
smc00921Hypothetical signal peptide protein1.27
smc00931Hypothetical/unknown protein1.58
smc01446Hypothetical protein1.04
smc01504Putative receiver domain protein2.60b
smc01505Hypothetical protein3.75b
  • a log2 ratio (wild type/rpoE2) determined by microarray hybridization of RNA samples isolated from Rm1021 (wild type) and CBT208 (rpoE2) cells cultivated for 30 min at 40°C. Only genes with an M value of >1 and a P value (t test) of <0.05 are listed. The results shown are the averages of three independent biological experiments. The smc01506 gene (rpoEZ) was omitted from the list, as its apparent lower expression in the mutant strain was actually due to its disruption.

  • b Genes validated by qRT-PCR (see Table 5).