General stress genes identified by microarray analysis

GeneaDescriptionM valueb
Stat vs. expoc40 vs. 28°Cd
sma0612fixN3 cytochrome c oxidase subunit 12.60e1.03e
sma0617fixP3 cytochrome c oxidase membrane-anchored subunit2.321.30
sma0621fixI2 E1 E2-type cation ATPase1.521.07
sma1677Hypothetical protein1.741.06
sma1720Putative LysR family transcriptional regulator1.431.13
sma1765Hypothetical protein2.211.29
sma2071Hypothetical protein1.901.78
sma2253Conserved hypothetical protein1.141.50
smb20094Putative phospholipase protein1.261.43e
smb20204pqqA putative pyrroloquinoline quinone synthesis protein A3.711.19
smb20227ndiA1 probable nutrient deprivation-induced protein1.75e1.32e
smb20228ndiA2 putative nutrient deprivation-induced protein1.921.78
smb20251Hypothetical protein1.071.21
smb20331Hypothetical protein3.811.45
smb20454Conserved hypothetical protein1.091.41
smb20879Hypothetical protein1.311.52
smb20933exsG putative two-component sensor histidine kinase1.451.67
smb20934exsF putative two-component response regulator protein1.091.22
smb21221Putative sugar uptake ABC transporter periplasmic solute binding protein precursor1.761.28
smb21442Hypothetical protein1.612.05
smb21456Hypothetical protein5.14e2.58e
smb21473Conserved hypothetical protein1.741.43
smb21481Conserved hypothetical protein1.301.51
smb21572Putative amino acid uptake ABC transporter periplasmic solute binding protein precursor1.791.67
smb21640paaA putative phenylacetic acid degradation protein2.341.00
smb21673Hypothetical protein1.611.65
smc00048Conserved hypothetical protein1.651.04
smc00063Hypothetical transmembrane protein1.741.22
smc00371Conserved hypothetical protein1.833.97e
smc00506Hypothetical transmembrane protein4.571.23
smc00665Hypothetical/unknown protein2.691.18
smc00795Conserved hypothetical protein2.061.15
smc00796Hypothetical transmembrane protein2.241.98
smc00800Hypothetical transmembrane protein2.722.26
smc00885Hypothetical transmembrane signal peptide protein3.78e3.57e
smc00931Hypothetical/unknown protein2.121.50
smc01140Probable sigma 54 modulation protein2.611.15e
smc01266Conserved hypothetical protein2.961.28
smc01267Conserved hypothetical protein2.851.57e
smc01504Putative receiver domain protein2.45e1.77e
smc01505Hypothetical protein4.17e3.69e
smc01506rpoE2 putative RNA polymerase σE factor2.70e1.78e
smc01758groEL4 60-kDa chaperonin B (GroEL) protein1.261.49
smc01814Probable glutamate synthase small-chain protein4.991.15e
smc01815Putative oxidoreductase iron sulfur protein4.501.23
smc01820Putative N-carbamyl l-amino acid aminohydrolase protein3.561.31
smc01933Conserved hypothetical protein1.111.08
smc01977Putative sugar binding periplasmic ABC transporter protein1.201.06
smc02171Putative periplasmic binding ABC transporter protein2.752.24
smc02172Putative transcription regulator protein2.221.48
smc02461Conserved hypothetical protein1.791.67
smc02645cfa2 putative cyclopropane fatty acyl phospholipid synthase protein2.071.74
smc02769Conserved hypothetical transmembrane protein1.051.53
smc02885msrA1 probable peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase protein1.041.45e
smc03780Hypothetical protein2.211.48
smc03844Conserved hypothetical protein1.431.18
smc03999Hypothetical protein3.042.41
smc04118Conserved hypothetical transmembrane protein1.031.07
smc04194Putative transmembrane protein1.861.73
smc04298Hypothetical protein1.301.57
  • a sma, smb, and smc indicate genes located on pSymA, pSymB, and the chromosome, respectively.

  • b log2 ratio of hybridization signals. Only genes with M values of >1 and P values (t test) of <0.05 in both experiments are listed. The results shown are the averages of three independent biological experiments.

  • c RNA samples from Rm1021 (wild-type) cells collected in exponential phase (expo) or soon after entry into stationary phase (stat). See Materials and Methods for details.

  • d RNA samples from Rm1021 (wild-type) cells collected in exponential phase at 28°C or after 30 min at 40°C.

  • e Gene validated by qRT-PCR (see Tables 3 and 5).