SMc01505 is a negative regulator of the RpoE2 regulon

GeneInduction (n-fold) after heat shock (±SD) in wild-type strain harboringa:
pBBR1-MCS5 (empty vector)pCBT109 (smc01505)
smc01506 (rpoE2)51.1 (±8.2)1.5 (±0.3)
smc0150455.8 (±10.0)2.7 (±0.6)
smc03873 (rpoH2)32.9 (±13.1)2.2 (±0.5)
smb21484 (rpoE5)131.1 (±65.5)1.2 (±0.4)
smb20007 (katC)92.9 (±12.1)2.5 (±0.7)
smc00885190.7 (±99.7)3.4 (±0.8)
smb21566 (groEL5)b304.1 (±153.2)230.9 (±168.4)
  • a Measured by qRT-PCR, as described in Materials and Methods. The results are the averages of three independent biological experiments.

  • b Although designed to amplify groEL5, the primers used for PCR may also amplify other groEL genes that are highly homologous to groEL5.