Survey of MAb 6E3 reactivity among a representative library of Acinetobacter strains isolated during an outbreak in the U.S. military health care system

Acinetobacter speciesSequence typeaNo. of strains:No. of strains reactive to MAb 6E3 (%)
A. baumannii1897631 (41)
ST115154 (80)
ST142266 (100)
ST161322 (100)
ST101222 (100)
Otherb916117 (28)
13TU850 (0)
Genome sp. 3131311 (85)
Otherc640 (0)
Total2169842 (43)
  • a Sequence type assignments were extracted from Fig. 2 in reference 15.

  • b Includes strains representing 35 other sequence types and two isolates of unknown sequence type.

  • c Includes one isolate of genome species 10 and three otherwise undescribed genomic species; additional single isolates of A. ursingii and A. haemolyticus were recovered during the outbreak, but these were not included in our screened library.