Transcriptome changes (fivefold or greater and P values of <0.05) associated with rgg inactivation during postexponential growth

Category and SPy no.a,bGenecDescriptionFold change(s) (rgg/wt)d
More abundant in the rgg mutant
        1058-1059-1060Hypothetical protein-PTS system8, 10, 15
        2081, 2083-2084, 2087hutI, -/-, -Histidine metabolism9, 11, 5, 6
        392uppUracil phosphoribosyltransferase5
    Stress responsive
        123Putative heat shock protein HSP335
        831pyrPPutative uracil permease5
    Exoproteins/virulence associated
        165spnNAD-glycohydrolase precursor14
        2010scpAC5a peptidase precursor7
        1436-1437mf-3/-DNase6, 5
        1202Putative transcription regulator, GntR family7
        2191Hypothetical protein18
        843Hypothetical protein13
        1562-1563, 1565-1566-1567Hypothetical proteins10, 9, 7, 7, 7
        305Hypothetical protein8
        844Hypothetical protein7
        1046Hypothetical protein6
        306-307Hypothetical proteins6, 6
        726, 733Hypothetical proteins5
        937int3Putative integrase, phage associated11
        1391Putative methyltransferase6
        469Putative 42-kDa protein6
        1629priAPrimosomal replication factor Y5
        870fmsPutative polypeptide deformylase5
Less abundant in the rgg mutant strain
        2172-2173-/yoxJNUDIX protein−14, 13
        1541, 1544arcC, arcBArginine deiminase operon−7, 5
        1183-1184Decarboxylase complex−5, 7
    Stress responsive
        1856norAPutative antibiotic resistance protein NorA−28
        230Putative ABC transporter (ATP-binding protein)−5
    Exoproteins/virulence associated
        2040SpeB maturation protein−192
        2039speBPyrogenic exotoxin B−59
        212speGExotoxin G precursor−5
        216ralpRegulatory protein, RofA related−16
        946P1-type antirepressor, phage associated−12
        1994pai1Pai1 protein (theoretical repressor)−6
        943Hypothetical protein−26
        238Hypothetical protein−12
        1956Hypothetical protein−8
        706, 940, 1959Hypothetical proteins−7
        219, 917, 981, 989, 998, 2215Hypothetical proteins−6
        1024Hypothetical proteins−5
        707Putative holin, phage associated−6
        1073rplL50S ribosomal protein L7 L12−5
  • a SPy numbers designate open reading frames based on the SF370 S. pyogenes genome annotation (9).

  • b Contiguous genes likely to be cotranscribed are separated with a hyphen.

  • c Hyphen indicates an unnamed gene.

  • d Change in transcript level for rgg mutant compared to that for the wild type.