C. difficile strains

StrainSourceaGenotypeMotility locusMotilityClinical dataOriginClade
CD1DGA B FullAsymptomaticHumanA B+
CF1DGA B+ Full*No dataHumanA B+
CF2DGA B+ Full*CDADHumanA B+
CF4DGA B+ Full*CDADHumanA B+
CF5DGA B+ Full*AsymptomaticHumanA B+
CG3DGA B+ Full*AsymptomaticHumanA B+
JGS6042JGSA+ B+ PartialNonmotileDiarrheaBovineA B+
JGS6047JGSA B FullNosocomial diarrheaEquineA B+
JGS6053JGSA+ B+ PartialMotileNosocomial diarrheaEquineA B+
JGS6057JGSA+ B+ PartialMotileNosocomial diarrheaEquineA B+
JGS655JGSA+ B+ PartialNonmotileNeonatal typhlocolitisSwineA B+
M10DDA B+ Full*OutbreakHumanA B+
M13DGA B PartialHumanA B+
M17DDA B+ Full*OutbreakHumanA B+
M20DDA B+ Full*OutbreakHumanA B+
M23DGA B PartialHumanA B+
M3DGA B PartialHumanA B+
M30DDA B+ PartialOutbreakHumanA B+
M65DDA B+ PartialOutbreakHumanA B+
M68DDA B+ PartialOutbreakHumanA B+
M70DDA B+ PartialOutbreakHumanA B+
M9DDA B+ PartialOutbreakHumanA B+
T7DGA B FullHumanA B+
BI-1DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-10DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-11DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-12DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-14DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-15DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-16DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-2DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-3DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-4DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-5DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-6DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-6pDG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-6p2DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-7DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
BI-8DG tcdC PartialHumanHY
R12087JBA+ B+ PartialHumanHY
R20291JBA+ B+ PartialHumanHY
R20352JBA+ B+ PartialHumanHY
R20928JBA+ B+ PartialHumanHY
BI-9DG tcdC PartialHumanHA1
B-oneDGA+ B+ PartialHumanHA1
J9DGA+ B+ PartialHumanHA1
JGS355JGSA+ B+ FullDiarrheic SCIDMouseHA1
JGS356JGSA+ B+ FullDiarrheic SCIDMouseHA1
JGS360JGSA+ B+ FullDiarrheic SCIDMouseHA1
JGS6041JGSA+ B+ PartialNosocomial diarrheaEquineHA1
JGS692JGSA B FullNonmotileNeonatal typhlocolitisSwineHA1
K14DGA+ B+ PartialHumanHA1
M124DDA+ B+ PartialNonoutbreakHumanHA1
M134DDA+ B+ PartialNonoutbreakHumanHA1
M135DDA+ B+ PartialNonoutbreakHumanHA1
M151DDA+ B+ PartialNonoutbreakHumanHA1
M47DDA+ B+ PartialOutbreakHumanHA1
R10459JBA+ B+ PartialHumanHA1
R8366JBA+ B+ PartialHumanHA1
VPI 10463DGA+ B+ PartialHumanHA1
Y2DGA+ B+ PartialHumanHA1
AA1DGA B AbsentHumanHA2
AA2DGA B+ AbsentHumanHA2
JGS647JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileNeonatal typhlocolitisSwineHA2
JGS652JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileNeonatal typhlocolitisSwineHA2
JGS673JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileDiarrheaBovineHA2
JGS674JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileDiarrheaBovineHA2
JGS675JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileDiarrheaBovineHA2
JGS676JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileDiarrheaBovineHA2
JGS677JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileDiarrheaBovineHA2
JGS679JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileDiarrheaBovineHA2
JGS688JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileNeonatal typhlocolitisSwineHA2
JGS691JGSA+ B+ AbsentNonmotileNeonatal typhlocolitisSwineHA2
M120DDA+ B+ AbsentNonoutbreakHumanHA2
M133DDA+ B+ AbsentNonoutbreakHumanHA2
  • a DG, Dale Gerding; DD, Denise Drudy; JB, Jon Brazier; JGS, Glenn Songer; HY, hypervirulent clade strains; HA, human and animal isolates (two clades); A B+, defective toxin clade; tcdC, A+ B+ but with an 18-bp deletion in tcdC; full, CD0226-CD0271 present; *, full motility-associated loci except a CD0253-CD0254 deletion; partial, CD0245-CD0271 present only; absent, all loci absent.