M. haemolytica genome general features

Total length of contigs (bp)2,569,125
Coverage (fold)8
No. of contigs152
No. of scaffolds103
No. of gaps148
G+C content (%)41
No. of tRNAs42
No. of CDS2,839
No. (%) of CDS with assigned function1,966 (69)
No. (%) of Pasteurellaceae conserved hypothetical proteins113 (4)
No. (%) of CDS unique to M. haemolytica 436 (15)
No. (%) of CDS broken at contig ends162 (5.7)
No. (%) of pseudogenesa 72 (3)
Average CDS size(bp)833
Coding density (%)92
  • a Given that this is a draft sequence, some pseudogenes may be the result of sequencing errors.